Installation of artifacts is an abandoned military depot near the second largest city in Russia - Saint Petersburg.

Basically, this artifacts are equipment for military medicine and remedies. Most of the items are obsolete, not subject to modern medical certification and can not be used in the military actions of the 21st century. The items date back to 1949-1986.

This is a hideous canned war, preserved from Soviet times. Strategic stock, which froze in anticipation of terrible events. People who work in this warehouse, for many years are waiting for their time, being behind a high fence.

Modern politicians and wars are feeding with lies. The conflict that has split our society is rooted in nostalgia for the USSR.

Politicians are zombifying their own citizens and continue to create myths as a ground and justification for their aggression. The lies of propagandists are replicated by the media, “newspaper ducks” are in the service of propagandists.

 Glass ducks for sewage symbolize the disease of society, zombied with newspaper ducks. Floating regularly, like soldiers on orders, they can be easily and irreparably split at any moment. Fragile as human life itself, they are vessels that can be filled with impurities or with fine wine. The choice is for each of us.